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A Must See Moving Story


Had the great fortune of appearing in this very important thought provoking film. Based on a true story by human rights activist Bryan Stevenson. Check out the film, but also read his book and gain an even deeper appreciation for all the fine work he and his organization, the Equal Justice Initiative, are doing on behalf of the many who are serving time with unfair prison sentences and those unjustly placed on death row. Movie opens nation wide on Jan 10th.

Gettin' Swampy Wit It!


Swamp Thing has been running for about 2 months as of this writing on the DC Universe streaming platform. I have been fortunate enough to appear in 3 episodes so far as Delroy Tremayne and scheduled for 2 more. If you have access to the service you can catch me on episodes 3,4,5,9 & 10. Happy Swamping!



Okay, you obviously should go see this movie because I'm in it. But that aside..., It's really a great movie.The message is important without being too heavy handed and you get to see the perspectives from several points of view.


Switching gears, I was recently cast and have been shooting a film with a few mega stars... Jamie, Brie and Michael. Oh yeah, we're on a first-name basis. I'll get into that a little more later, but I'll just say, I'm having a blast!

End of First Quarter


Well we're a quarter of the way through 2018 already. So..., what's new? The TV One Movie, Behind the Movement" aired in February. Pretty proud of the film and thankful that I had the opportunity to portray civil rights leader A Philip Randolph and work with some of the most talented artists in the industry.  

Also currently running is a new TV show, The Resident, in which I have a recurring role as Wendal McKee. Lastly, if you happen to be keeping track, Tag is now running trailers and looks like it will be out in June! Hmmm...will I, or won't I...

Second Half of the Year... Pretty Eventful!


Well, where my last update I reported things were quiet, the last few months, I'm thankful to say, have been a busy one. I was fortunate enough to book and shoot  two  movies,Tag and The Hate U Give, one TV movie, Behind the Movement and two TV episodics, The Resident and Ozark. If you have On Demand, you can catch me on the last two episodes of Survivor's Remorse and the second episode of Stranger Things 2 on Netflix. I heard recently I also made the cut for a cameo appearance in Same Kind of Difference As Me, which is in currently showing in theaters. Needless to say I am grateful for all my opportunities this year and look forward to an exciting 2018!


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